Parent Testimonials

“Choosing an elementary school is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. I am eternally grateful for the advice I received from a friend who was a parent of three children who attended Thevenet. She recommended that I visit and we instantly understood – you have to see it to really believe it! The teachers are so committed and enthusiastic, the methodology is sound and my son is engaged and very happy. We love Thevenet and are grateful to the terrific start it has given to our son.” “The teachers and teaching methodology at Thevenet are second to none. Our son has been a Thevenet student for the past three years and has benefited from the focused teaching program, the mutual respect between teachers and students as well as between students. The environment is wonderful; natural and eco-friendly, supportive, engaging, fun and firmly founded in solid values of kindness, respect and love for one another. We love it!”

“Our daughter has been a student at Thevenet for the past four years. In those years, she learned volumes of not only ‘book knowledge,’ but also gracious living, compassionate behavior and respect for the environment. This kind of education is invaluable and not easily found in most learning establishments. We are forever grateful to the educators at Thevenet.”

“Thevenet has provided our twins boys with a strong educational foundation, a sense of responsibility to do their best and pride in their academic achievements. It has taught our boys to respect the learning process and, since the school has a diverse student body, to respect individual differences. It has also taught them how to develop friendships and interpersonal skills. We will miss Thevenet and we will be forever grateful for the wonderful start it has provided.”

“Over the past 13 years we have had at least one of our four children in a Thevenet classroom. Thevenet provides a truly idyllic setting that constructs a lifetime love of learning. The teachers provide a warm, nurturing environment while instilling the importance of questioning and exploring. The educational base that Thevenet has given our children goes beyond academics.”

“Most people are impressed with what a fluid reader a three year old can be, or perhaps that many of Thevenet’s kindergartners are able to work on division, fractions and early algebraic equations- but I feel the most impressive mastery comes in the form of the caring, patience and help that the students offer each other. These are the true lessons that cannot be taught- but must be shown and they are everyday at Thevenet.”

“The teachers and staff at Thevenet are amazing people who understand children and the best ways to motivate them. They create a learning environment that is exciting and engaging, and they are able to meet each student at his or her developmental level and motivate each student to achieve his or her best. It is truly a magical place. We are sending our 4-year old daughter next year as well.”

Thevenet Montessori School is open to children of all backgrounds, without discrimination in regard to race, gender, religion or economic origins. Owned and operated by the Religious of Jesus and Mary, celebrating 200 years of their mission of education.
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