Program Overview


The Montessori Method:

Promotes self discipline, social competence, and mastery of the environment.
Emphasizes the process rather than the product of learning.
Allows children to work at their own pace, with the teacher introducing new materials as current materials are mastered, to ensure success rather than frustration.
Involves children in the exploration of math, language, science, art, and music, as well as a series of sequential, manipulative and sensorial activities that lead them from concrete to abstract learning. Learn more about the Montessori approach.

Components of the program include:

Practical Life: The skills of daily living.
Sensorial: Exploring the world.
Mathematics: From concrete to abstract.
Language: From spoken to written.
Art and Music: Integrated into the prepared environment.
Outdoor classroom: The meadows, forest and vernal pond.
Foreign languages: We have a Spanish teacher who visits each class.

See the Curriculum page for Primary Level, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary program details.

Thevenet Montessori School is open to children of all backgrounds, without discrimination in regard to race, gender, religion or economic origins. Owned and operated by the Religious of Jesus and Mary, celebrating 200 years of their mission of education.
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